Chetumal Travel Guide

foto 1The city of Chetumal is a destination abundant in natural attractions where you can see cultural vestiges and communities that still have a provincial touch. It is an important city since it is on the border with Central America and is considered as the cradle of mixed races. Traveling to this particular destination will be one where you will learn about the Mayan civilization and interesting archeological sites, as well as events that occurred throughout the course of history. Kohunlich, one of the most visited places in the region, is located 40 miles from Chetumal and there, you can admire architectural sites such as "Ya'axna", the "Templo de los Mascarones" (Temple of the Masks), "Plaza de las Estelas" (the Plaza of the Stelae) and the "Acropolis." Dzibanche is another important and biggest settlement in the south of Quintana Roo.

foto 3 Don't miss a visit to the beautiful green and blue waters Bacalar Lagoon which is a mix of sweet water and salt water of the Mexican Caribbean. The "Cenote Azul" is an absolute must for those people who love diving and there are other amazing places such as Sian Ka'an Ecological Reserve and Banco Chinchorro Biosphere, which will also leave you breathless.

In Chetumal, visit the "Museo de la Ciudad," (The City Museum) "Museo de la Cultura Maya" (Mayan Culture Museum) or go for a walk on the boulevard and enjoy the warmth of the people. The city also offers all sorts of recreational places as well, such as casinos, bars and clubs for dancing all kind of music. Chetumal has places where you can buy a beautiful and traditional handicraft souvenir in carved wood, hand-embroidered clothes, hammocks and basketry. Or if you preferred to visit the shops on the Belice border to purchase imported products. Come to Chetumal and be amazed with the wonderful archeological sites and the incredible natural wonders!